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Do you have knotted scarf hair or a huge hair knot at the nape of your neck from wearing your scarf for hours at a time?


This unique gift is a scarf accessory solution for how to wear a scarf while eliminating or drastically reducing messy knotted hair that results in destructive brushing and hair breakage!

I created this design to reduce the amount of hair I was breaking every time I wore a scarf for fashion and or for warmth. I have tested the Don't Be Knotty on a test group and the results are awesome! Here's a link to our product testing surveytake a look at what happened!

This is a handmade design and customizable by your choice of size, elastic color, and metal snap finish to best coordinate with your favorite scarves.

The Benefits...


  • Proven and tested to drastically reduce knotty hair and hair breakage that comes along with wearing a scarf.


  • Mellow down the bulging scarf look that most bulky scarves create at the back of your neck!


  • Holds your scarfs position all day! Ditch the hassle of readjusting, one and done for the rest of the day!

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